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Deep fried choux pastry puffs

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Adjust Servings:
50 cl milk
100 grams sugar
120 grams butter
1 teaspoon salt
half a teaspoon lemon zest
300 grams plain flour
5 whole eggs
For Deep Frying
2 litres oil canola, peanut or grapeseed oil
for the garnish or fillings
50 grams caster sugar to coat the dough balls
or anything good you like raspberry jam

Deep fried choux pastry puffs

Lighter and easier to make then classic doughnuts

  • Butter
  • Dairy
  • flour


  • For Deep Frying

  • for the garnish or fillings



Nuns farts (called this way in France), also called “Nuns Puffs” in other countries, are is in fact simple dough balls made out of choux pastry. When deep fried, the Chou pastry transforms by magic in those lovely, puffy, airy and delicious doughnuts like balls. once done, the “Nun’s farts” are rolled in sugar and serve with various filling such as jam, salted caramel, chestnut cream or anything you like.

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Prepare the Milk and butter base

place a large saucepan on the stove, turn the heat on medium, and pour in all of the following ingredients in the saucepan in this order:
milk, sugar, salt, lemon zest. then butter.
when done bring that mix to the boil.
as soon as the milk boils, turn the heat off completely.


Incorporate the flour in the milk to make the dough base

When you milk base is ready (make sure you heat is off) add all of the flour in one time.
use now a wooden spoon to incorporate the flour with the milk based.
start by mixing slowing then vigorously.
very quickly a large ball of dough will form in the pan.
reserve the dough in a large bowl and let it cool down for 5 minutes.


Add the beaten eggs to the dough base

For that step, to make things faster and easier you will need to use a food processor. However if you want to use a spoon instead to incorporate the eggs the technique is the same, but will take longer and will be difficult due to the stiffness and of the dough ball.
back to the recipe:
Attach a dough blade on the food processor bowl and put all of the dough in.
Beat 3 whole eggs to start off with, and pour them over the dough in the food processor bowl ( as shown on the video)
use a pulse function to start incorporating the eggs with the dough and when it starts to incorporate let the food processor run on continuous speed
until the dough and the eggs are totally blended together. (that takes just a minute or so)
when done, stop the food processor and add the 2 other beaten eggs to the dough and repeat the process again until all the eggs are incorporated. ( as seen in the video)
take now all of the dough out of the food processor and reserve it in a clean preparation bowl.
we are now ready to fry the dough ball (nuns fart)


Deep fry the dough ball until they puff up

Warm up you oil to 170 degrees Celsius or 338 Fahrenheit.
when the oil is a the right temperature, use two spoon to create dough "balls" as best as you can (as shown on video) and add them directly to the oil.
they will sink to the bottom and shortly afterwards start to float on the top of the oil.
when this happen you will have to let the dough balls cook for a few minutes, turning them carefully so that hey get evenly colored and most importantly to give them them to puff up. ( they can sometimes double in size).
when each batch is ready place them on a tray or plate covered with a paper towel (to absorb the oil)


Coat in sugar and serve

when all the "Nuns farts" are ready roll them in granulated or icing sugar making sure they are fully covered with sugar.
you are now ready to serve. these delicacies can be eaten as is, or served with various Jams, chocolate paste or salted caramel.
in the video i have stacked up the "Nuns Farts" in a cauldron and decorate them with creepy eyes balls :o) but that is just one idea.


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Stephane, I enjoy your channel so very much! This is a wonderful recipe and treat, thank you for this video! I watch your channel every week. I learned the french techniques from my Mother, and your videos are a wonderful refresher course and they bring back wonderful memories of hours with Maman in our kitchen! Thank you, and keep on teaching!

Thanks Sarah its always great to get some positive feedback when trying to grow on YouTube. i a really enjoying too but I wish i had more time to dedicate to it. hopefully later I will be able to do more video with varied subjects of course all related to french food. thanks to be faithful to the channel. take care. Stephane

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