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Bechamel Sauce

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Adjust Servings:
40 grams butter
40 grams plain flour
500 ml milk
1 pinch salt
1 pinch pepper white pepper
1 pinch nutmeg grated nutmeg
1 bay leaves smal bayleaf
0.5 onions half an onion
4 cloves prick them on the onion

Bechamel Sauce

A simple yet delicious white sauce you can use for all preparations.

  • Butter
  • Dairy
  • flour




This Bechamel sauce (white sauce) is perfect for all kind of everyday use for things like pasta and vegetable bakes, lasagnas, moussaka, and even more complex things recipe like souffle.

The Bechamel Sauce which is commonly known as “white Sauce”, is one of  the 5 French Mother sauces that every keen cook wanting to prepare french food should know. The main ingredients are butter, flour and Milk and that sauce can be prepare in small or large quantities using a sauce pan.

The recipe I am giving here will give you a sauce with a great consistency (not too thick and not too thin) that you can use in most dishes like lasagna, souffles, bakes, ham and cheese toasts and much more.


One you dish to make with Bechamel sauce:

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Make a white roux with the butter and flour

In a medium size sauce pan ( on low heat) melt the butter gently.
when the butter is melted add all of the flour in and mix well using a wooden spoon, making sure the butter and flour are perfectly blended together.
when both the flour and butter are blended keep stirring gently for 3 minutes keeping the heat very low making sure your mix get no coloration (it has stay a creamy white color) when its cooked leave it on the side to cool down


warm up the milk with the favouring ingredients

in order to get a tasty bechamel sauce we need to infuse the milk with some flavours.
place a saucepan on the stove on low heat, pour the milk in followed by all the seasoning: salt, pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf and the onion with cloves. when done bring the milk to the boil very slowly. as soon as the milk boil turn the heat off and leave to infuse for a few minutes.


Make the bechamel sauce

Place the pan you used to make the roux on the stove on low heat and using a sieve to filter, pour all of the warm milk over the cold roux.
when all the milk is in, use a whisk to stir and and incorporate the milk with roux you. (will get a rather liquid white sauce to start with which is normal).
Now turn up the heat on low to medium and keep on stirring your sauce slowly (using a whisk) until the sauce thickens and reaches the boil.
Once the white sauce reached boil point, put the heat back on very low and keep on cooking the sauce for a few minutes, stirring continuously. ( to make sure you remove any of the floury taste left in the sauce)
once cooked turn the heat off and use immediately.


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