Learn to master French cuisine with Stéphane

Get an introduction to French cuisine with my series of free online French cooking classes. My French cooking courses gives you access to both theory and hands-on sessions that are often necessary to get a good understanding on how thing are done in the real world.

Below is a sample taken from my online course: “French cooking basics” in which you will learn the key aspects of what a mise en place is, followed by a session explaining how to use a chef knife. You will also have the opportunity to learn what the 7 classic French vegetable cuts are and how they are used in French cuisine.

The mise en place explained:

The mise en place in practice:

How to use and hold a chef’s knife:

The 7 classic French vegetable cuts:

If you enjoyed the tutorials head to my YouTube channel to have access to more than 150 French cooking video tutorials, absolutely free of charge.

Click here to access the video recipes

Video recipes are extremely useful if you want to have a glimpse of how a recipe is made and how it should look like. On this page you will find a collection of French cooking videos organised by topics. All the videos you see here can be access for free, so you can watch them over and over in your own time and at your own pace. There are no shortcuts taken. All the recipes you see are authentic French dishes made in front of you pretty much live.

“My videos are made using a step by step approach which is particularly suited for people at home with no knowledge of French cuisine. Anyone having a go at making a recipe can get great results the first time around.”

Choose any of the topic below, relax and enjoy our selection of free French cooking tutorials.

The classics

10 French recipes anyone can cook

French bistro recipes

French starters and appetisers

Poultry and game recipes

Beef recipes

Pork recipes

Vegetarian recipes

Side dishes

Easy French dessert


The French Cooking Academy is full of authentic French recipes that taste delicious and are really easy to make so don’t miss out.


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